All the Events in the life of Our Lord, Jesus Christ, was Suspiciously Very Similar to the Predictions of the Old Testament Prophets About a Coming Messiah

  • Near the end of Genesis the Patriarch Jacob placed his hand on his fourth son’s head
    and pronounced this blessing:
  • Bethlehem was the City of David, but by the 8th century B.C. it had lost its shine. It
    was small town Israel, not the place you would expect to generate a world leader. Yet the prophet Micah gave this city this honor. The Prophet Micah might have been referring to Jesus Christ as the Messiah in his prophecies in the Book of Micah.
  • The Prophet Isaiah’s wife gave birth to a son, but this son could hardly be given the
    name “Immanuel” (literally, “God-with-us.”), and his wife was obviously not a virgin.
    Who was the Jewish virgin mother Isaiah saw as a divine sign and who was her son?
  • Job’s wife nagged him to curse God and die. His three best friends accused him ofchrist
    being a closet sinner who needed to repent, and God, Himself, apparently had
    abandoned his child to the ash heap, but Job still had the faith to say,