God, Although He had Passed Judgement on the First Born Sons of Egypt, had Spared the First Born Sons of the Jews in the Horrifying Yet Awesome Passover Miracle

Passover Events

Crucifixion of Jesus

  • Date: 14th of Nisan (Jewish calendar)
  • Date: 14th of Nisan (Jewish calendar)
  • Lamb selected: 10th of Nisan
  • Jesus selected: 10th of Nisan
  • Lamb to be perfect, without blemish
  • Jesus was perfect, without sin
  • Blood of the lamb saves those using it
  • Blood of Jesus saves those accepting it
  • Lamb to have no broken bones at slaughter
  • Jesus had no bones broken
  • The theme of the Jewish Passover is remembering the gift of salvation from slavery in Egypt. Those who were covered by the blood of the lamb were saved from the angel of death that killed the firstborn of everything living in Egypt.
  • The hope of the crucifixion is God’s gift of eternal salvation through Jesus Christ. Those who receive the gift are covered by the blood of the Lamb and saved from eternal separation from God.

Passover Seder

Lord’s Supper

  • Observed by all Jewish families
  • Observed by the family of Christ
  • To remember God’s gift of salvation (Egypt )
  • To remember God’s gift of salvation (eternal)
  • Broken, unleavened bread = humility and God’s gift
  • Broken, unleavened bread = sinless Christ
  • Redemption cup = blood of the lamb
  • Redemption cup = blood of Christ
  • Wine mixed with warm water = blood of sacrifice
  • Christ’s blood and water = John 19:34

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