Throughout the Scriptures, God is given many names. The most common of these is YHVH (Yahweh), but when he spoke to Moses, he identified himself as Ehyeh asher Ehyeh—I AM WHO I AM.

Therefore, YHVH declares God’s absolute being—the source of everything, without beginning and without end. For Israel, it meant even more than a philosophical ground of being. It meant that the Creator of the Universe was also their personal God. He saw their slavery in Egypt and was present to powerfully act on their behalf. He would destroy Pharaoh and his army and set His people free.

There’s no doubt about how the Sanhedrin interpreted Jesus’ claim. They condemned the Galilean carpenter’s son as a blasphemer and took him to Pilate to receive the death penalty.

You must make a decision about whether you agree with the 1st-century religious leaders and declare Jesus a blasphemer, or if you will worship Him as your Lord and your God.

Continue to research the original Hebrew texts to further understand God’s self-identification as “I AM WHO I AM”. 

Check out the record for yourself. As you do, keep in mind the Jewish context of the Scriptures and the powerful meanings in some of the ancient words and symbols—you’ll be amazed at the layers of prophecy and truth!

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