Miracles are a Subject of Debate and Often Ridiculed, but there are Cases Where Inexplicable Evens that Could Only Be Called as Such

Philosophers like Spinoza and Hume in the 18th Century Age of Enlightenment said “No”! They preached that divine miracles did not occur because they would violate the immutable laws of nature. The universe was a closed system, never invaded from outside by supernatural forces. An intervention from beyond would violate these ironclad laws. But is their logic sound?

The law of gravity is one of the most powerful realities of the natural world. It states that rocks do not fly through the air but remain quiet, safely lying on the ground. When a boy reaches down, picks up a stone, and hurls it through the air, does he shatter this law? Of course not! The boy simply applied another principle and as pilots often say, “Anything will fly if you apply enough thrust.”

When God caused an axe head to float in the Old Testament or Jesus walked on the water in the New, it was not nature as usual. But like a boy throwing a rock, when God decided to cause an axe to float and Jesus decided to stride on the waves, no laws were broken. The Creator of nature simply decided to apply other principles and greater forces.

The intellectual power game that argued through most of the 19th and 20th century that nature and the normal scientific laws that we observe are all there is is hardly accepted like it once was. After all, almost every TV or movie is filled with the supernatural-mystics, ghosts, sixth senses. Don’t you think before you start learning about the supernatural from the Matrix or miracleslistening to an Indian guru, it would be wise to go back and reconsider the most powerful supernatural book ever written?

For example the New Testament Gospel accounts of the miracles of Jesus are totally realistic. Some believe these texts were inspired by God himself. However, whether or not you personally hold them in such high esteem, at the very least these gospels represent four separate historical accounts written by authors who witnessed the events. Is it correct programming to deny their testimony based on a philosophical predisposition against the supernatural and against miracles?

Biblical Miracles Defy All Explanation, Except that they were the Acts of God